wxCover - Cover printing software


There's an old package for Ubuntu Edgy. You can download it here.

I have not yet tested it with Gutsy. I'll probably provide new packages with the next release.

Don't forget to install wx2.8-i18n package if you want to use the localized version of wxCover.

Let me know if you've created other packages (rpm,...): I'll put them here.


wxCover needs Windows version >= 2k.

It can be downloaded from this page. Simply unzip the archive and run wxcover.exe.


wxCover has not yet been tested on MacOSX : if you want to use it, you'll have to download the sources and try to compile it. I'd really like to make it available for mac-users. So if you manage to make it work, please contact me!


If you want to compile wxCover, download the sources here. The build process uses CMake: see "install" file in the archive.